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M2R MR1 half helmet
For the half-shell fans in the house, the MR1 provides a relatively low profile way to stay on the right side of the local ordinances and protect at least part of your head while you're at it. A composite shell is secured to the brushed nylon-lined padding by stainless steel rivets. I actually found the helmet to be really comfortable and got no draft at all tugging underneath the rim. The D-ring retention system lacks a rubber band to secure the strap but you can always just go find a kid with braces and bum one off of him, preferably unused. I know I'm opening a can of worms here, but since the DOT doesn't seem to care if your face gets ripped off, so long as your cranium doesn't crack, they're willing to put their stupid little sticker on the back of half-shells, including the MR1. M2R MR1


Suomy Spec-1R Poggiali Replica Helmet
Yes, I know I am slow. Painfully slow. Lap-ably slow. But suddenly, I feel a lot faster. Why? Because I just tugged on my, "just like the real racers wear" Suomy Spec-1R. Suomy's flagship hat is the lightest weight race-approved helmet available, tipping the scales at a mere 1,250 grams. You'll have to convert that to ounces yourself. Just 'cause I'm feeling faster doesn't mean that I'm feeling any less lazy. The shell comes in three sizes and consists of a structurally-enhanced composite fiber weave, manufactured via hot-cured bag molding. The helmet's interior features a dynamically variable resistance crush zone designed into the sound-absorbing polymer EPS for consummate survivability. An advanced channel system allegedly provides optimal venting, but let's face it, when it's a hundred and something degrees, you're swathed head to toe in heavy leathers and you're going balls out on a track, it's just plain hot in there. Suomy Spec-1R   As a race helmet, the fit is very snug, but the removable/washable liner and cheek pads are quite plush and the padding extends to cover the D-ring straps and oversized sponge cervical neck roll. The anti-fog, anti-scratch face shield is held in place by a racing spec safety-lock visor system. If you wanna change it, you're gonna need tools. Bottom line is that it ain't cheap, and it isn't really viable for every day use, but the Spec-1R is a lightweight, great looking, state-of-the-art piece of racing technology that is very comfortable considering its purpose. The Spec-1R has received race approval by every major US Motorcycle Race Organization, and CERTIFIED to BSI 6658 Type A: which requires pre-public release batch testing of each production run, as well as of course being DOT approved.

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