Helimot One-Piece J-92 Custom Racing Suit

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My first trackday at Streets of Willow was just the next day, so I was able to try the suit out almost immediately. Off a bike, the suit was tight and constricting in some spots and baggy in others, but once I was in a sportbike crouch, the fit felt very good and loosened up as the day went by. The stretch panels allowed me to move my arms and legs enough to get my knee down and try out the new, super-hard and firmly-attached knee sliders.

 With a soaked cotton t-shirt underneath, the pinhole venting allows just enough airflow to keep the rider cool in desert temperatures.The vented hump promises a bit more than it delivers, but is still nicer than a solid hump. If only Quasimodo could have had one.

The hump-cum-swamp cooler didn't work as well as I had hoped it would, as the suit is really designed to work in a full racing crouch, and the bikes I was riding - street bikes rather than hard-core race equipment - had my upper body a bit too upright to allow wind to blow directly down my back. Helmut told me that in a racing   crouch, wind would deflect off my helmet into the hump, and recommended I try putting the ice into a cotton bag, to keep the cool dampness from being wicked away by the lining material.

I'm happy to report that I didn't have an opportunity to crash test the suit, but I'm confident it would do very well if I make a trip to either Highside or Lowside Island. The armor is top-notch: it doesn't meet CE standard, but Helimot says completing the testing is prohibitively expensive and not worth the trouble in the USA. In any case, it might not be a guarantee the armor will protect you: "Many items made in Pakistan or China have misprinted labels naming the specific standard, or they just use an older CE standard, eight or more years old" claims Helmut. Instead, Helmut selected US-made safety padding from four different manufacturers for his suits. The venting works okay, but I wish the holes were larger and more numerous. However, I understand that larger holes would compromise the integrity of the suit.

Even if it is the best armor known to mankind, it can only do so much. The best thing to have is a well-stitched suit using the best leather. Looking at and touching this suit assures me that the leather is as good as it gets, and the stitching is all meticulous: double-stitched in most places, with hidden seams. Of all the many track-damaged suits I saw in Helimot's top-secret factory and laboratory, the only torn or ruptured seams I saw were on lettering and other cosmetic panels. There's little doubt in my mind that Helimot provides the best protection I can get.

My new Helimot J-92 suit is definitely the nicest piece of apparel I've ever owned, nicer than my 50's vintage tuxedo or my Marine Corps dress blue uniform. It fits perfectly, is comfortable and makes me look like a serious rider. The features and quality are all top-notch. Pricing starts at $1,370 for a two-piece suit, or $1,425 for a one-piece. You can start the ordering process by calling Helimot at (408)298-9608 and requesting an ordering kit."There's little doubt in my mind that Helimot provides the best protection I can get."

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