Harley-Davidson El Camino Jacket

It's hefty. It's traditional. It's a bad-ass jacket.

Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's wife. Cool. I don't covet my neighbor's wife. Hell, I'm not sure my neighbor even covets his wife. However, I do covet my neighbor's Harley-Davidson El Camino Jacket. Hmmm, what does God have to say about that? Let's see... nothing in Commandments One through Ten. So far, so good. Are there any footnotes, any asterisks anywhere saying something like "see Commandments 11 through 59.1(a), sub-paragraph (ix)"? Nope. Even better. Glad God chose Moses as a prophet rather than a modern American lawmaker.

The jacket sports four ventilation zippers, two in front and two in back. They may be opened or closed as the weather dictates. Even better, they work. On those warm summer rides, the vents keep you comfortable. With all the vents open the jacket won't balloon.

The El Camino comes with a removable liner perfect for night rides. When removing it at first, I had the odd sensation that the jacket was somehow lighter and less protective than other jackets. However, the El Camino is as heavy and thick as my other leather jacket. With the insert removed, the El Camino is lined with a nylon mesh in the torso and polyester lining in the sleeves. The mesh lining, combined with the vents keeps the heat from building up on the warm summer days. Snapping the liner in makes the jacket cozy for a cool day. However, I recommend a sweatshirt or silk thermals for more severe winter conditions.

Another nice feature are the leather tassels on the vent zippers -- a stylish touch making the zippers easy to grab while on the go, and, for my tastes, perfect; it didn't cross-over into the territory of flashy, frilly fringes flapping in the breeze. Not every biker envisions himself as the last Latoka warrior riding into the sunset.

Other nice touches include an interior pocket that can be accessed with the liner in or out. There are also two roomy front exterior pockets. However, I do have one question for Harley: "Why the plastic zippers on the vents?" Given the leather zipper coverings and kidney belt design along the bottom of the jacket, metal zippers would provide a more suitable compliment to the jacket's quality features.

The El Camino jacket is a favorite of mine. It's hefty. It's traditional. It's a bad-ass jacket. Check it out, but not before being prepared to make a full confession.

MSRP is $400.00 for sizes S-XL; $425.00 for sizes XXL-XXXL.

Motorcycle Online Rating: ****

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