Ducati Retro Jacket

Leather. For the right reason.

People tell me how bitchen' my jacket is alla 'time.

I can't recall the last thing I lusted for more than this jacket. I can remember very well the last person, but not the last thing. When, after months of machinations necessitated by the fact that I am too poor to pay for this sort of thing but too proud to come right out and beg, the box finally arrived, I was not disappointed. Guess I've had the Retro for a year or two now, and it is definitely a keeper. (That's the way to look at these large expenditures, too: a good leather jacket will last a lifetime, and will be fought over by your heirs.) The Retro is made for Ducati by Dainese, out of stern yet supple cowhide, which Ducati says is 50-percent waterproof (see, you're only half damp).

Inside the elbows, forearms and shoulders you'll find good, closed-cell foam. Why do European jackets zip on the wrong side, like womens' clothes? (Are they really all gay?) One of my favorite things about the Retro is the fact that the main, big YKK plastic zipper goes all the way up to your chin when you fold the collar up, which is very nice when it's chilly. It also contains a nylon mesh-lined layer of thin insulation of some sort, which also keeps me warm, but the jacket isn't particularly hot on hot days either. (The liner doesn't come out.) There's a zipper to zip pants to. Red has to be safer than black. People tell me how bitchen' my jacket is alla 'time. The dollar, unfortunately, seems to be sucking wind these days. When I started writing this last month, the Retro was $491. Now it's $650! Hey, it's still the only thing I can afford that says Ducati on it.

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"John gives this jacket, four and half cajungas"



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