Ducati Accessorizes a Monster 1100 S

09 accessories and apparel revealed

For all of you Monster fans out there, Ducati has built up an M1100S with a myriad of parts to showcase Ducati Performance Accessories. A total of 25 accessories were added to this ‘Ultimate Monster’, all of which can also fit the M1100.

Adding a little more growl to the M1000S is a Termignoni full exhaust system with a carbon canister. Also included is a DP steering damper, magnesium alternator cover with billet front sprocket, magnesium clutch side casing with titanium screws and magnesium valve cover kit.

A more comfortable ride is provided by a new seat and a host of carbon accessories adds a little style with minimal weight. A DP 525 red chain helps set off the whole package. Check out the table below for a complete list of all 25 Ducati Performance Accessories on the M1100S.

Ducati Performance Accessories:
M1100 Termignoni Full Exhaust System $2,837.80
DP Steering Damper $693.60
Magnesium Alternator Cover w/ Billet Front Sprocket Cover $945.90
Magnesium Clutch Side Casing W/ Titanium Screws $794.50
Magnesium Valve Cover Kit $278.10
DP Billet Vented Clutch Cover $208.10
DP Anodized Clutch Pressure Plate $199.20
Anodized Oil Fill Cap $34.60
Anodized Steering Stem Nut $47.90
M1100/696 LED turn signals $121.00
Billet Folding Brake/Clutch Levers $385.40
M1100/696 Carbon Fiber Heel Guards $170.20
M1100/696 Carbon Fiber Headlight Cover $136.20
M1100/696 Carbon Fiber Upper Tank Cover $271.10
M1100/696 Carbon Fiber Lower Tank Cover $132.40
M1100/696 Carbon Fiber Instrument Cover $187.90
M1100/696 Fender Eliminator Kit $245.90
M1100/696 Comfort Seat $233.30
Rear mudguard for single-sided swingarm M1100 $283.70
Anodized Bar-Ends $49.10
Anodized Fork Pre-load Adjusters $56.70
DP Front Fork Sliders $71.80
DP Lightweight Front Sprocket $53.10
DP 42T Rear Sprocket $302.60
DP 525 Red Chain $245.90

2009 Ducati Apparel

Ducati has also released its 2009 apparel line, so even if you don’t drive a Monster you can look like you do.

For the more serious Ducatisti out there, Ducati Corse is the way to go. The one-piece or two-piece leather suits are available for $1,770 and $1,380 respectively, while the Corse leather jacket will set you back $775. The Corse RX 7 Helmet ($799) and the Corse race gloves ($265) complete the package.

Don’t fret if your wallet is a little lighter – there are more than 300 items available in a wide range of prices that you can use to outfit yourself from head to toe and fly your Ducati colors proudly.

Everything from jeans, T-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, hats, belts, sunglasses, and key chains can be found with the Ducati name emblazoned on it. Puma has even designed a line of Ducati leather sneakers ($120). We couldn’t find any Ducati “tighty-whities”, but surely somebody is working on it.

For more information, visit Ducati.com and check out the apparel section.

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