Crusty Demons of Dirt

Pain is Temporary, Glory is Eternal

Crusty Demons of Dirt is the latest video offering from Platypus International, continuing their string of hard-core sports videos. Crusty offers more high-flying air and insane free riding than may be legal in your state. This video covers all the bases of free riding, from riding up sheer walls in San Bernadino, California to stunt jumping in nearby DeAnza to epic dune jumping at Glamis and Pismo, and goes beyond your wildest expectations.   Top riders are crammed into the video like they are going out of style: Factory pros and motocross stars like Jeff Emig, Jeremy McGrath, Ryan Hughes, Jeff Matiasevich, Phil Lawrence, and Brian Deegan, among others, contribute their best for your enjoyment. Famous trick jumpers like Mike Metzger and Seth Enslow (in the video that brought him notoriety, or should we say infamy) blur the boundaries of what is imaginable and what is possible.   Crusty Demons is not just a video, it is an attack on the senses and sensibility.   With an abundance of talent, the action is top-notch, with the riders obviously playing games of one-upmanship to compete for camera time. The riding in Crusty is at the edge, and sometimes beyond, and the camera is always there to catch it, and on high-quality cinema-grade film to boot. The production values adhered to during filming rival that of a first-run movie, with the aforementioned filming quality, aesthetic camera angles, seamless editing, and one hell of an electrifying sound track. With songs contributed by up-and-coming punk/alternative bands like Soak, Sensor and Strung Out, the audio attack of Crusty leaves you in a virtual frenzy to go out and ride harder than you ever have before.
Seth Enslow at Riche Canyon
Buddy Antunez runs over the competition
Seth vs. gravity
Bud-man riding ruthlessly
Mike Metzger showin' off

Crusty Demons is not just a video, it is an attack on the senses and sensibility. Aside from the hardcore action, the camera crew also follows the riders when they are not in the saddle, and this is where some of the wilder -- and lighter -- moments of the flick come from. Whether it is buffoonery on monkey 50s, a wild bachelor party, or winding down from the day's film shoot in the middle of the desert, Crusty never fails to entertain. One of our favorite tongue-in-cheek scenes involves "Chicken" Matiasevich, the song "Purple Rain", some pimped-out old cruiser and a cliff. 

Highlights of Crusty include any of McGrath's monstrous dune-cresting tabletop leaps, Brian Manley's MX-based chopper, Mike Metzger free riding in Ocotillo Wells, and almost any scene involving Enslow, including the (in)famous Dumont Dunes leap that... Well, you better check out the download (see the video clips below), words wouldn't quite do that justice.

Needless to say, the viewer is the big winner in the end. With Crusty's quality production and hard-driving sound track complimenting its slick editing, Crusty earns our highest possible rating of five stars. This video is not intended -- nor recommended for -- the meek, and as such shall not be rated for them. Crusty is irreverent, irresponsible and possibly offensive to the squeamish, but if you are looking for a wild ride, skip past Brando's oversized butt in "The Wild One," and go shell out the $24.95 for Crusty Demons of Dirt. It's available at your local dealer, or direct from Platypus Worldwide, (714) 645-7306.

Download video clips from Crusty!
All files are MPEG with 16 bit audio. We know they are huge, but they are well worth the wait.



Motorcycle Online Rating: ***** (We've watched it 20 times!)

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