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The passion of motorcyclists runs far deeper than just riding bikes – it can involve anything that has to do with their favorite two-wheeled pastime. For example, an untold number authors, filmmakers and musicians with motorcycle obsessions have recorded their thoughts, feelings and experiences for all of us to enjoy. When we read, see or hear something new, you can find out about it here.

Movie Review: Charge

Mark Neale, the garrulous Brit responsible for the movie Faster and The Doctor, the Tornado and the Kentucky Kid, recently sprung his newest motion picture, Charge, for the motorcycle racing crowd.

What is it About Racing?

This article is an excerpt from the new book "The Ride So Far: Tales from a Motorcycling Life," The hardback explores a diverse range of subjects surrounding motorcycles.

Paul Teutel Sr. Presents OCC Rocks

We recently came across a copy of OCC Rocks, a musical compilation put together by the folks at Orange County Choppers and featuring four songs from the OCC Band. The rest of CD is made up of familiar songs and artists, largely from the 1970s.

Cafe Racer: The Motorcycle Book Review

This book celebrates those early machines parked outside the Ace Cafe in north London with first-hand accounts from those who were integral to the development of the trend in the first place.

Flat Out: Book Review

Robinson provides such a candid first hand account of the rushes of adrenaline and moments of terror that at times it feels as though you are right there with him

Why They Ride: DVD Review

Two brothers. One passion. Corey and Casey Wilkinson set out on a motorcycle road trip in search of the Tail of the Dragon at Deal's Gap. What they found was a great deal more.

Book Review: The Chrome Cowgirl Guide to The Motorcycle Life

Girls, if you're having a bad day, open any page in this book, and you'll find inspiration and motivation to be strong and confident. It encourages women to get on a motorcycle and ride, forget all doubts and troubles, and clear their minds and souls.

Book Review: Top Dead Center

This compilation of columns from renowned tuner Kevin Cameron gives amazing insight into the technical aspects of motorcycle engineering.