For some, riding a motorcycle is all about the people you get to enjoy it with.  Others would prefer to leave people and everything else behind and get out on their own.  What about you?  Let us know if you prefer to ride by yourself or with a group.

  • mark555055d

    Solo. The only time i’ll ever ride in a group is on a track.

  • allworld

    I tend to ride solo, or with one other person who I ride regularly with.
    Back when I was a new rider I rode with larger groups, I did learn from some of the better riders, but a majority of riders demonstrated what not to do.
    One of the quest for many riders is to find the perfect riding buddy.

  • SRMark

    I have a hard enough time getting along with me. Solo it is.

  • CookedDragon

    Solo rider for sure. If I’m in a group, I don’t want to be in the front setting the pace, I don’t want to be in the back getting pulled over first, and I don’t want to be in the middle with people I don’t know or trust behind me.

    I have been in controlled, mature group rides, but those seem to be pretty rare now. Too many people who don’t know how to maintain a formation, too many people trying to show off, or people splitting lanes like an ass forcing me to try and keep up.

  • Paragon Lost

    Solo rider.

  • John B.

    As a courtesy to my fellow motorcyclists, I ride Solo!

    • hipsabad

      Groucho’s quip comes to mind

      • John B.

        Yes, exactly!!!

  • Johnny Blue

    Solo indeed, but seeing the votes I can’t help but wonder if most motorcycle riders are “socially challenged”, or introverts.

  • Joe

    Mostly solo riding, or a small group of 5 or less close friends. I prefer knowing the people I am riding with very well, and having a good understanding of their skill levels



  • Old MOron

    I’m happy to ride solo or with friends.
    My preference seems to swing like a pendulum. For a while I’ll just want to ride on my own, then it seems like I’m doing nothing but group rides.

    Here’s something interesting. I’ve ridden a lot of roads in California. In order to get a new experience, I have to go a long way. So I seem to enjoy showing newbies around the local roads. Everything is new to them, and I get to enjoy their discovery vibe. It’s kind of cool.

  • Jon Jones

    Love rolling solo. Also have had some fine adventures with a select few. But I really enjoy doing my own thing at my own pace. True, actual freedom.

  • Auphliam

    Having been a member of clubs (RC & MC) I used to get quite a lot of enjoyment from riding with groups. I think those days are gone, however. Anymore, I prefer to ride alone.

    Edited to add: When are you MOrons gonna let the FNG ride an actual motorcycle? LOL

    • Old MOron

      I think Seth is not so much new as on loan from another VerticalScope entity.

      • Kevin Duke

        You know more about MO than some of us! Yep, Seth is a freelance contributor to VS’s powersports properties, not the new editor/FNG. Stay tuned…

      • Auphliam

        Ah, I see

  • lennon2017

    Solo is often a necessity in an environment that so routinely looks at motorcycling as a deathwish or nuisance or motivated by recklessness and hooligan behavior that getting even that extra friend, colleague or family member to go through the hoops of achieving that M endorsement on their four-wheeler’s license to “group up” is a huge chore, but when I’ve been in groups, I’ve had a blast. It’s never been a drag, pacing was always kind of regulated by the more reticent riders anyway (no-drop policies are really the baseline; it’s to be unintimidating), which fits my non-racer vibe, and sometimes there’s even more of an objective to be reached, rather than a whimsical joyride that you psychologically think might be freeing but might also be taking you to the same roads and sights you’ve seen so many times.

  • Vrooom

    I don’t mind riding with up to 3 buddies of the same general skills set, but I hate riding in a large group. Formation riding is definitely not my thing, it’s great if you enjoy it, but it’s not for me. The nice thing about riding solo is you only need to think about your needs. Gas stops are quick, you can eat at a small picnic table in a park and enjoy the view, and ride at whatever pace you feel like.

    • 12er

      Same, 3 more is my cutoff and even then it gets hectic around lights and traffic.

  • DL Nielsen

    I mainly prefer to ride solo. If I ride in a group setting, it’s usually with two or three friends. I don’t like riding in large groups with people I don’t know well, either. Just me or with a couple of friends is fun. A larger group is not fun; it’s nerve-wracking.

  • W Donald

    Solo , sometimes with a pillion , very seldom with a friend or two at most , but mostly solo riding which gives me an opportunity to clear out my mind

  • Ed Angala

    Solo is good, Two is not bad, four at the most.

  • Goose

    Used to ride in groups, these days, me and my girlfriend and my bike make up my preferred group.

  • 1) Solo
    Or with my husband.

  • Jason M.

    Group rides are fun, but things get a bit sketchy when we try to one up each other. I prefer to ride solo.

  • Junker

    I agree with just about everything the “solo” folks have stated. I’ll also add that I don’t like being on other people’s schedule. I ride when I want, make whatever stops or detours that I want, for as long as I want. I don’t want to wait in a parking lot for an hour for everyone to show, etc. The time I have available for riding is too short already.

  • Gootch

    I like to do both. Depends on what I’m feeling like, where the group ride is going and who is on it, and that sort of stuff.

  • Mad4TheCrest

    I have friends I will ride with on occasion – it can be a blast riding with a buddy who keeps the same pace; but I mostly ride solo because I like the freedom of choice: when to start, when to stop, which roads, etc.

  • Gruf Rude

    Riding is dangerous enough. Riding in formation scares me to death.

  • notfishing

    It’s more effort to ride with a “group” although most of the time my “group” is my youngest son. Still it’s my choice in riding because of the talks we have. I’ve worn out more than enough tires riding or driving alone.

  • TC

    Solo or one other rider. I’m surprised at the amount of solo riders here, must not have heard from the Harley Wannabees yet. Because pulling into a gas station 30 miles after you just filled up and waiting to top off 20 bikes is fun.

  • Pj b

    Group. The social aspect and shared interest. Also, the safety in numbers might apply to riding. I feel more visible to other motorists in a group. However, when I ride solo it’s me, my bike, and my camera off on a great adventure…I call it Zen Time. Still riding with my peeps, love it. Happiness is best when shared.

  • Chocodog

    Why either, or? I like both.

  • Cami

    Big rides seem to always have friendly fire incidents. One other is perfect, two is max for me…

  • it depends on my mood. but for long trips i ride solo.

  • Michael Hayes

    My MC is my primary mode of transport, so mostly solo. I do have two groups that I ride with on occasion (probably 4-8 times per year), which I also enjoy.

  • Bill Burnett


  • Rod MacLeod

    Ride at my own pace, no catch up or waiting, stop when I want to stop, eat what I want to eat. I could go on and on………..solo for me. I do 1000 -1200 kilometers a week during the season every one on my own. Wouldn’t change it for anything