In our last Top 10 list of 2016, we, the MO staff, mentioned how much we’re looking forward to flogging the crop of mini-adventure bikes that’ll be coming this way in 2017. In case you forgot, those bikes include the BMW G310GS, Honda CRF250L (and its higher-spec sibling, the CRF250L Rally), Kawasaki Versys-X 300, and Suzuki V-Strom 250.  All of those bikes promise big fun in little packages for those who like to veer off the beaten path every now and then. So now we pose the question to you:

  • spiff

    What is the difference between adventure and duel purpose?

    • DickRuble

      The duel purpose is potentially lethal.. The dual purpose is limited to two purposes. The adventure, well.. that’s when you ride your Grom cross country.

      • spiff

        Can I get knobbies for a Grom? The cross county Grom guy is definitely a 1%er.

    • major tom

      Gas tank size for starters.

      • DickRuble

        The smaller the tank the bigger the adventure.

    • black hole

      Dual purpose bikes tend to be more trail oriented, adventure bikes more road oriented with some trail-ability.

    • Tod Rafferty


  • Old MOron

    When you MOrons do the shootout, please include the CSC RX3. I know someone who has ridden that bike everywhere from Hell A freeways to muddy Mexican adventures. It deserves a shot, and your MOronic audience deserves a review.

    • black hole

      I agree. The RX3 is the only bike available now in the US in this class (I consider the CRF a dual sport, not an ADV bike), and has been available since 2015.

  • Craig Hoffman

    Life is short, time to quit messing around. Give me a CB500X, a blown up 450 MX bike, strip the MX bike’s suspension, stir, saute, revalve, respring and enjoy. That is what I want, like this bad ass creation here.

  • Tanner

    the versys actually has 2 cylinders and is light as a feather.

    • Adam

      Also has ABS available! And a 4.5 gallon tank!

  • Guilherme Brum

    Please give us more information about the CFR250L Rally. When are you getting a ride review?

    • Kevin Duke

      Look for it in mid-March or so…

  • gjw1992

    And ask Honda why there’s still no CRF450L – that’d make the ideal Africa One