A video making the rounds this week showed a rider trying to be a good Samaritan after seeing a wallet slide off the roof of a car as its inattentive driver pulled onto the street. Picking up the wallet, the rider chased after the car but was given a rude response. The rider tried again, and this time, the driver understood what happened, and the rudeness turned to relief.

But the rider didn’t forget the initial reaction, and responded by angrily throwing the wallet back in the car. Seeing the driver had also left his phone on top of the car, the rider picked it up and flippantly tossed it to the road.

So, we ask you, our readers. Who’s the bigger A-hole here? Was the rider justified? The driver did pull out dangerously in front of him, and yet tried to return the wallet, only to be rewarded with a middle finger. Or should he have been the bigger person and rode on? Or, as some commenters on YouTube suggest, was the whole incident faked?

Let us know in this poll or in the comments.

  • HazardtoMyself

    I think today; I’m going to have to side with the rider.

    I can understand the frustration. It has been a lot of years since I have gotten upset at someone for pulling out in front of me, until this morning.

    Couple days ago had this little car pull out in front through a yield sign like it was a green light. Didn’t get upset, just went around as normal. Today the same a-hole did it again. This time seeing it was the same person and same car just pulled up to the driver window with a little hey I’m here waive. Due or chick, (couldn’t tell) just kept staring blankly straight ahead. I went by and it proceeded to get right on my ass. Let them by and still just kept staring blankly ahead. First time in a long time I wanted to smash a mirror or pull the driver out of the car. Think it was more the don’t give a crap attitude. I understand most times people just don’t see us but this just came off as an f u. I will do whatever I want.

    Really couldn’t tell though if it was a guy or a women and I didn’t want to beat the crap out of some dude who ended up being a woman so let it go.

    • Polly Molly Moo

      Get bike in front of the car, make ’em stop.

      • therr850

        and hope they do,,,,, but don’t count on it.

    • sgray44444

      It’s the new America, where everyone has to be an A-hole and nobody shows anyone any respect. It quickly gets old. It’s one of the reasons I barely rode at all this year- just tired of dealing with idiot adult children and texting teenagers.

      • HazardtoMyself

        I think it would take a lot to get me away from daily riding.

        Majority of people are aholes on the road but it doesn’t normally get to me. Can’t change them. Just hope as more people get tired of it they raise their children to be more respectful.

        Normally I can understand that 3000lb hunk of metal will win any fight. Must have just been an off day.

        • sgray44444

          I used to feel that way about riding daily, but lately, even after 20+ years, it almost doesn’t seem worth it. I’m actually thinking about selling my motorcycles and getting a dirtbike for when I have the itch to ride. I never thought I would be willing to do that.

  • novemberjulius

    Was that a UPS truck?

  • allworld

    Who is the bigger A-Hole?? Good question.
    Truly the guy driving the car is a shoot first ask question later type, an A-hole by nature.
    The rider started out being a considerate person, but stooped to the drivers level of social ignorance. He should have handed the wallet to him, and then told him “to put his hands to better use and retrieve the wallet on the cars roof.” then just ride off without drama. Children who can’t play nice, should stay home.

  • ChevalierMalFet

    It’s fake, certainly, but assuming we take it as reality, the driver is still better off for the rider tossing his phone than if he had just ridden off. I don’t know if a fall from that height onto hard pavement would seriously damage that phone or if it had a casing, but it’s certainly better than if it’d slid off the roof at 40 mph. So a little contempt is acceptable in return for an insult.

  • therr850

    Think I would have given him the wallet and with the bike in gear told him his phone was still on the roof,,,, as I rode away.

  • Jay F

    -1, Car cut off the motorcyclist when coming out of the gas station. Didn’t look like he even came to a stop.
    -1, Car driver flips off the motorcyclist, who he prob thinks is pissed about being cut off.
    +1, Motorcyclist returns wallet. I personally may or may not have kept it at that point. His phone would have been ignored in hopes that it falls off en route home.
    +/-1 depending how you look at it on the phone toss. I mean it may not have hurt it. It may have but still he has a phone to get repaired vs it sliding off with driver none the wiser.
    The motorcyclist went out of his way to do something nice for someone that had no interest in his safety, and reached the end of the line on patience.