Today’s poll question actually comes from the KFBK News Radio out of Sacramento, California. In its unscientific and for entertainment purposes only poll the question poses whether the new lane splitting law is a good one. Should we be surprised to see that even in California – where lane splitting has been practiced for decades, and recently made into law – 65% of respondents at press time were against the law? We probably shouldn’t.

lane splitting

A thoughtful comment by Stuart Myers on the KFBK website: “I regularly commute to the East Bay from Yolo on a bike and lane split on every ride. Just like in cars/trucks, most are competent/respectful riders and some are not. Common courtesy goes a long way.”

What’s more intriguing than the loss, however, is the underlying reason cagers are so opposed to the law: It’s dangerous and unfair to cars stuck in traffic. Dangerous to who, motorcyclists? It warms our hearts to think that cagers are so concerned for our well-being. Or, maybe, it’s more the second part of the answer; unfair to cars stuck in traffic. Yah, we think it’s most likely that reason. Facts regarding the positive impacts filtering has on traffic congestion, and the benefits both motorists and motorcyclists receive from lane splitting will never trump the feeling of getting screwed over, no matter how unfounded.

Anyway, out of curiosity, we thought MO should post the same poll question to see what the results an enthusiast’s website will garner. So, cast your ballot and let’s see our own unscientific results.

Whether you lane split or not, ride in California where it’s legal or in some other unenlightened state, please keep in mind the idiocy inhabiting our roads. Daniella’s tirade in the video below underlines the effectiveness of usings the f-word to demonstrate intelligence while emphasizing her point, as well as the dangers we face as motorcyclists. What may be worse than the fact she owns driver’s license is she, and others like her, are allowed to vote.

  • spiff

    Among the bonus, the one I value is that we can filter to the front of a light. We don’t hold up the light because we are gone to catch the group at the next light, and we don’t get rear ended at the back of the line.

    • Jon Jones

      This is a real time-saver and much safer as you point out.

  • spiff

    As far as the video: Haters gonna hate hate hate.

  • Old MOron

    Other states have considered legalizing lane splitting. If California’s example will help to build momentum, I’m happy for that. But as far as California is concerned, I liked things the way they were before the law!

  • HazardtoMyself

    Now where I am lane splitting is not legal. Hoping some day it is, but for the most part I will do it through stopped traffic anyway.

    The remark I received from one guy in a truck one day really sums the results of this survey. They don’t care about safety, but like you said they feel like they are getting screwed over.

    As I am moving through miles of backed up cars on the freeway, I just hear the guy yell out his window CHEATER!!!!!!! Have to say it made me laugh. Much better than the a-holes who intentionally move over to block you.

  • John B.

    I went to college on Long Island, and listening to Daniella’s accent and moxie brought back fond memories. My first day at school, I was sitting in the main quad between classes when an otherwise attractive young woman walked by yelled to her friend 50 yards away, “F-ing douche me Sophia!” We’ve been married for 25 years now…. not! Daniella’s not so bad, she’s just from a different subculture. Long Island has great Italian food and diners though. So there’s that.

    • Larry Kahn

      Pizza. That’s all that’s good there.

      • John B.

        And duck, and the beach scene out east, and raw clams. Otherwise, meh.

  • Joseph Carroll

    Her overwhelming stupidity would be more humorous if she was not a fellow participant on US roads….
    Cagers are welcome to ‘cut’ through the line too, just slim down and the motorcycle lane can be yours as well, no one is restricting access to that best lane. Exclusion is self-impossed by wasteful people commuting alone in 5+ seat vehicles.

  • OhGee1

    It warms my heart to see that Cagers all over the world feel the same. Over here in South Africa, lane splitting has been legal since before I was even born, yet you still have people with the same attitude as you have in the States. Some times you even get the occasional A-hole that moves to cut you off while I am filtering. I usually just slow down, give them a friendly wave and be on my way…
    At the end of the day I am happily on my way while that moron is stuck in a hot car for another hour or so…

  • TC

    I live in California, and I split lanes on occasion. I think it can be fairly safe if you only do it when traffic is stopped or moving slowly. However, I see some motorcycle riders splitting lanes at high speed when traffic is moving 50-60 mph, which is just plain stupid and rude.

    • Buzz

      I see that a lot too. It’s typically younger guys who think they’re indestructible.

      Splitting lanes at 80 mph is not the smartest way to commute.

      • Born to Ride

        I AM indestructible dammit!

  • Larry Kahn

    Yo, Dani, so I guess a blow job is out of the question?

    • John A. Stockman

      Probably doesn’t do “that” anyway, but I wouldn’t take one even if offered from that bee-yotch. Rather be out “filtering” because it gets me away from people like her faster.

  • Ian Parkes

    The internet is such a treasure trove. Today’s lesson: Long Island reserves space on the road for beating the shit out kids.

  • frod

    I’ve always thought calling it ‘lane splitting’ sounded a bit negative. Here in the U.K. we call it ‘filtering’ — yet that doesn’t stop some people from thinking of us as cheats indeed.

    I shall forever remember the face of that woman who nearly smashed her steering wheel in a fit of rage after seeing me pass her by. Nor shall I forget the faces of her 3 passengers who clearly only wished to get away from her insanity.

  • TheMarvelous1310

    Loud music and hazard lights. And maybe double hash marks with some space in between, like an erstatz bike lane.

    I’ve been nearly knocked off my bike by someone swerving in their lane so many times I can’t count, and I’ve been the guy who’s mirror got knocked off the car because somebody was lane splitting. There’s no set rules for how far from the lane/median/shoulder your car is supposed to be, drivers aren’t looking for lanesplitters, cars have massive blind spots in the C-pillars these days, some bikes are wider and/or less maneuverable(but just as fun!) and nobody uses their blinkers when they should. In the present state of the road, it’s dangerous as hell. What can you do though? Everybody can’t go back to driving school at the same time.

    I think we need to either put a bike lane between the hash marks-ALL OF THEM-or make a strobe light legal for lane splitting bikes. Until then, do what I do if I split lanes… Loud music and hazard lights.

    • disqus_iqqLuguva2

      I lane-split in stop-and-do traffic here in the SF Bay Area. Every year, more drivers get used to us and become helpful, pulling over to give us a foot or three more room. This is especially true during commute hours, of course, but it happens other times, as well. Of course, once in a while a cage tries to block me, so it’s important to check a few cars ahead frequently.

      I should add, I guess, that I have a flashing headlight (as allowed by federal law) and additional driving lights, so I wonder, sometimes, if cages think I’m a moto cop.

  • therr850

    Where is this video? On Facebook? Oops, don’t do Facebook. My lose:[

  • Meldrew

    Ignorant fat bitch, rotten with envy that bikers can make progress. If bikes stayed in the queue,that would worsen and lenghten the snarl-up. Instead, we move on between the lanes, getting out of everybody’s way.

  • Thomas Hanel

    I didn’t even get though the whole thing because of the language

  • Cheshirecat Guy

    When I lived in Hollywood, I did lane splitting whenever possible, in a safe and prescribed manner.

    A few years ago (3-4) I proposed lane sharing to my State Representative. He drew up a bill based on the CHP guidelines. Our “conservative” in Utah were against it.

    One elderly lady (Dem) said that when she goes to SoCal it just “frightens” her when motorcycles do it. (Clutching her symbolic pearls).

    The other was a guy (R) that said he just didn’t want anyone getting in front of him. Thus is the nature of closed minds in Utah.

    Also, Utah ABATE members testified that Lane Splitting was “UNSAFE.”

    These are the same guys that lobbied for “no helmet laws” because helmets were a personal choice and loud pipes save lives.

  • Cheshirecat Guy

    she sounds so intelligent and well spoken, truly someone I’d want to spend time with

  • Fred Oliff

    cunned stunt.