With the 2016 iterations of Intermot and AIMExpo in the books, we’re left with EICMA as the remaining traditional trade/consumer show with some yet unrevealed new models for 2017. Rumor has it Honda is saving a world premiere for the Long Beach IMS show a week after EICMA, so there may be a surprise yet come. We’ll let ya know as soon as we can confirm. Here’s what we know about each bike to be unwrapped in a week’s time:

Evans Brasfield will be MO‘s man on the scene in Milan, so stay tuned to Motorcycle.com for up-to-the-minute reporting from EICMA. Until then, tell us which bike you’re most interested in seeing/reading about.

  • spiff

    My question is if the 890 is enough, or does the ego need the 1290.

    • ColoradoS14

      Probably not, probably not. They need a 1090 Duke. I really think the Streetfighter 848 was about perfect, show me a great naked with 125 to the wheel and I am in. I don’t need to spend $18k and have 165+ whp and I want more than 100hp.

  • Gabriel Owens


  • Old MOron

    890 Duke, and how I would like to see a V7 that isn’t S-L-O-W.

  • JerryMander


    • Reid

      Agreed. I think the Z900 and the RS will obviate the need for the naked Z1000 and especially the Z800 entirely. My hope is that the RS looks better than the XSR900 while still being affordable-ish and in the same ballpark weight-wise. Because if a classy 70s-80s style naked standard with some sporting creds is held back by a thick waistline then I guess I’ll have to stick to pining for the new Duke, which will almost assuredly be more expensive.

    • John B.

      I figured Kawasaki would bring to market a model to compete with the Yamaha FZ-09. It will need to be a great bike to take a chunk out of the FZ’s market share.

  • Gabriel Owens

    Bring on that adventure moped!!!