Yamaha Closes Japanese Plants

Production halted until at least March 18

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Mar. 16, 2011
Yamaha Motor Co. has decided to suspend production at several factories in Japan including its motorcycle facilities.

The Tuning Fork Company had been continuing operations at its facilities following the March 11 earthquake off the coast of Japan but has now decided to temporarily suspend production at several facilities.

Yamaha will close 8 factories in Japan on March 16-17 including its five motorcycle production plants, Iwata Main, Iwata South, Hamakita, Morimachi and Nakaze.  Yamaha is also suspending production of outboard motor, personal watercraft, automotive engines and power products.

Operations from March 18 onward will be decided in a meeting on March 17.

Yamaha also announced its contribution to the recovery efforts. The company will contribute 500 generators, 1,585 gallons of bottled drinking water, 5,000 meals and 300,000 surgical masks. Yamaha employees have also initiated a donation campaign.

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