Wisconsin Offers H-D License Plates

Fees include annual donation benefiting safety programs

story by Motorcycle.Com Staff, Created Apr. 18, 2011
The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has introduced Harley-Davidson branded license plates to raise money for safety initiatives.

The branded plates will be black, grey and orange and bare Harley-Davidson’s bar and shield logo and the message “Share the Road” to promote traffic safety. By state law, the Harley-Davidson Share the Road license plates will only be available for cars, light trucks and motor homes. Plates may feature regular numbers or a personalized message.

The cost of a Harley-Davidson plate includes a $15 issuance fee and an annual tax-deductable $25 donation to fund safety programs for motorcycles, mopeds and motorized bicycles in the state of Wisconsin. Harley-Davidson will not receive any financial benefit from the sale of the plates.

Harley-Davidson license plate
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