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Windham closes in on SX title

Can Reed hang on to lead with just one shoulder?

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Apr. 23, 2008
Kevin Windham is now just thirteen points of Chad Reed for the AMA Supercross championship after a win in St. Louis on April 19.

With two races left on the schedule, April 26 in Seattle and the finale May 3 in Las Vegas, the championship hinges on the health of Reedís shoulder.

Reed, who races for Yamaha, broke his shoulder blade in a crash during practice before the April 12 race in Detroit. Despite the injury which, at one point, had him vomiting blood, Reed raced to a 12th place finish in Detroit and followed it up with an impressive second place finish in St. Louis.

ďLast weekend was just survival, while this weekend, I felt pretty good in practice,Ē says Reed. ďThe track just got really gnarly in the main event, and the whoops were really tough, and I couldnít hang with Windham. Imagine landing this jump with a broken shoulder blade. Now imagine doing it over 20 laps.I had to let go of my pride and look at the bigger picture, and thatís tough. I felt, for the rest of the track, I had what it took to win; I just didnít have what it took in the whoops.Ē

Reed held the lead for the first three laps before Windham passed him on the fourth. The 14-year veteran would hold onto the lead to claim a victory for team Honda.

Windham has been a threat all season, finishing in the top five of every race. That consistency has helped him to stay close to the title hunt despite Reedís eight victories.

With Reedís injury, Windham is well positioned to swoop in and take the title.