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Triumph enters Middle East

Alfardan Motorcycles named exclusive importer in Qatar

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Mar. 19, 2008
Triumph Motorcycles has established a foothold in Qatar by reaching an agreement with the nation’s premier motorcycle dealer.

Alfardan Motorcycles was named the exclusive importer of the venerable British motorcycle brand. 

“When we think Triumph, we think elegance, style and full-throttle performance—characteristics that are worthy of the topmost motorcycles pedigrees in history. Since inception, our brand name has been synonymous with classic traditional designs, unparalleled quality and immense success,” says Nick Bloor, Triumph export manager. “It is exactly for these reasons that we awarded Alfardan Motorcycles the sole and exclusive dealership of Triumph in the Middle East, owing to their unfaltering commitment to provide constant and innovative value to their customers.”

Alfardan Motorcycles was established in 2006. It’s just one of a group of companies owned by the Alfardan family, one of the most successful merchant families in the wealthy nation. Alfardan also has exclusive importing rights of Ducati motorcycles, and in December, the Italian company named Alfardan Motorcycles Center it’s most improved dealer of 2007.

“Since inception, we have set ourselves the task of adding further value to Alfardan Motorcycles’ solid heritage; to that effect, we have looked for brand names that are iconic, unique and exceptional on all aspects,” says Robert Zarzour, director of motorcycles and lifestyles for Alfardan Motorcycles. “Triumph perfectly portrays that, bringing with it a range of outstanding products which is surely well-placed to spark huge local and regional interest.”