TrackTactics at Buttonwillow Raceway

TrackTactics to begin producing track dates once again

By Press Release, Jun. 03, 2010
Every year hundreds of motorcycle riders crash and many die, in the hills and mountains surrounding California. TrackTactics, a non-profit organization, announces today they have attained a reservation to produce a safety oriented track day at Buttonwillow Raceway on July 25th.

The goal of TrackTactics is to train and educate motorcycle riders on the streets and bring them to the race track where they can learn and advance in their skills. With these skills, we hope that all these motorcycle riders will think twice about racing on the streets, said Jesse Kent. TrackTactics offers these events for a very small fee which should entice every rider to support the program.

Willow Springs Raceway recently canceled all of TrackTacktics events there.  This took away hundreds of opportunities for local riders to take their performance riding to a safety controlled track and off the streets. Fortunately, Buttonwillow raceway has stepped up to offer their support by making their track facilities available on July 25th.  Our heartfelt thanks goes out to the Management of Buttonwillow for their support.

TrackTactics has been in saving lives since January of 2009 with their statement, Track days are for everyone.  TrackTactics started when a group of friends found out one of their friends has passed away in the mountains. This was our wakeup call, stated Raj Singh, President of TrackTactics. Since then TrackTactics has developed a working relation with several track day organization and started their own events in March of 2010. These events include a Beginner program which teaches the youth riders the fundamentals of motorcycle riding and the techniques to operate them efficiently on the streets.