Suzuki Temporarily Opens Japanese Plants

Vehicle assembly resumes

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Mar. 18, 2011
Suzuki is re-opening some of its Japanese manufacturing facilities to complete units already on the assembly line.

Motorcycle assembly at Suzukis Toyokawa plant as well as automobile assembly at the Kosai and Sagara plants and a multi-purpose and commercial vehicle plant in Iwata will be open for the day shift on March 22-23. Suzuki had closed all of its facilities as of March 14 following the Sendai earthquake.

Engine assembly, including motorcycle powerplant assembly and machining at Suzukis Takatsuka plant will continue to be suspended. The foundry at Suzukis Osuka facility will be partially in operation over those two days.

Suzuki will continue to assess the situation before deciding whether to open any facilities on March 24 and beyond.

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