Suzuki announces 2010 off-road lineup

New RMX450Z enduro bike introduced

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jun. 26, 2009
Suzuki has announced a new off-road model for its 2010 line-up.

The 2010 Suzuki RMX450Z enduro motorcycle will share many features with the RM-Z450 motocrosser including the frame, suspension, fuel injection and an electric starter.

Suzuki introduced EFI to the RM-Z450 in 2009, and the system has been updated for 2010 with reversed throttle valve movement. The updated EFI directs the fuel-air mist away from the throttle valve, which Suzuki says will provide a more uniform mixture to produce improved power and throttle response. The RMX450Z will also be “green sticker” eligible in California.

The RMX450Z is powered by a modified version of the RM-Z450’s four-stroke liquid-cooled 449cc engine. Suzuki revised the engine’s inlet tract and cam profiles, claiming increased low- and mid-rpm power. The RMX450Z will have wider gear ratios in its five-speed constant-mesh transmission.

Suzuki also equipped the RMX450Z with a lighting kit, side kickstand and digital instrument panel. Also differentiating it from its motocross sibling, the RMX450Z also features an engine protector plate and a hinged lid over the airbox to keep dust out.

The 2010 RM-Z450 receives some minor updates from the 2009 version. Apart from the updated EFI, the RM-Z450 has a new two-piece headstock that is 9mm taller than before. The rear section and upper frame bridge beneath the saddle have been widened for increased strength.

The RM-Z250 receives several updates for 2010 including fuel injection, making it the first four-stroke 250cc motocross bike with EFI.

The engine has also been updated with revised cam timing and new intake ports. Suzuki says the updates will provide more power and torque at the high rpms.

Suzuki also updated the RM-Z250’s chassis with a redesigned twin-spar aluminum alloy frame. The lower frame tube is now 3.0mm thick compared to the previous 2.5mm. The new swingarm has an improved center brace that Suzuki says provides added rigidity with a more concentrated mass for improved suspension and traction. New footrest brackets have been designed to prevent mud clogging.

Suzuki’s two-stroke RM125 and RM250 will also return in Europe.

No pricing information on any of Suzuki’s 2010 off-road models has been announced at this time.