Retractable motorcycle shelter released

Affordable coverage for motorcycles, scooters and more

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jan. 19, 2009
Speedway Motorsport Shelters has released a new product to help keep your motorcycle covered up and out of the elements when you’re not riding.

The Speedway Shelter is a retractable motorcycle shelter that allows you to pull into your driveway and into your bike’s own personal refuge.

“The retractable waterproof cover is easy to use, keeps out weather, dust and debris, with the added feature of cross-ventilation to prevent any condensation from occurring inside,” Speedway Motorsport Shelters says in a release. “Now your bike can be parked in the garage, along side the house, or in the driveway, fully covered, and completely safe with the security of a padlock.”

An LED Bright Light is included, which mounts to hardware inside the shelter so you can easily see when the sun goes down. Also, if you want to keep oil drips off the driveway you can purchase a Diamond-Tough floor.

The Speedway Shelter features a retractable waterproof cover.

The Speedway Shelter is available in two sizes – standard/sport and a larger shelter for touring bikes. It takes just seconds to open and close and you don’t have to wait for your pipes to cool before covering up your bike.

This affordable storage device retails from just $249.50 for the standard size or $329.50 for the larger size. Visit for more information.