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Olympic motorcycles use U.S. technology

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Aug. 11, 2008
The official motorcycles of the Beijing Olympics will be equipped with American-designed fuel injection systems built by Michigan-based engineering firm ElectroJet.

Olympic sponsor Dayang Motorcycle’s machines are all equipped with ElectroJet’s advanced fuel injection technology which the company claims reduces harmful emissions by 65% and increases fuel economy by 12%. Dayang, which produces scooters and low-displacement motorcycles for over 80 countries, will supply its machines to police and medical services in Beijing.

The Chinese government, faced with international criticism for the high levels of air pollution in its capital city, implemented several policies to reduce pollution for the 2008 Olympics. Dayang is trying to do its part with ElectroJet’s fuel injection systems with microcontroller technology from Texas-based Freescale Semiconductor.

“Motorcycles and scooters are the primary form of transportation in India and China, with volumes more than twice as large as the American automotive industry,” says Kyle Schwulst, chief executive officer of ElectroJet. “Reducing emissions from these vehicles will significantly reduce air pollution in major metropolitan areas like Beijing. Freescale's advanced microcontroller technology enables us to build highly efficient fuel injection systems that can replace carburetors without losing performance or significantly impacting the price of motorcycles.”

Dayang produces small-displacement bikes such as the DY125-36A.Designed for four-stroke motorcycle engines, ElectroJet’s system can be bolted to OEM carburetor systems and exceed U.S. and European emission standards. ElectroJet claims its fuel injection system reduces carbon monoxide output by 65%, hydrocarbons by 35% and nitrogen oxide by 35%, and increases horsepower output by 5% when compared to stock carburetor systems. According to ElectroJet, Freescale’s affordable 16-bit S12XE microcontroller unit allows them to price its fuel injection systems below the US$50 mark.

“It’s remarkable that such an affordable, easy-to-implement fuel injection system can significantly reduce harmful pollutants while improving fuel economy and increasing horsepower,” said Paul Grimme, senior vice president and general manager of Freescale’s Microcontroller Solutions Group. “As emissions controls and regulations become more stringent in response to growing environmental concerns, Freescale is proud to work with ElectroJet to deliver innovative technology that’s helping improve the quality of the air we breathe.”