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Why not here?

In this month's Cycle World, the Editor was lamenting the fact that the US seems unable to provide a suitable track venue for MotoGP, and that this may be last year of the race for the US.

Other, "Third World" nations are far more sucessful in building tracks and facilities than we are. In an unrelated article in another magazine, it was noted that at one time motorcycles were a significant measure of a nation's industrial and technology capability. This got me thinking: forget the track, why can't the US produce a competitive, world class sport bike? Almost every other leading industrial nation does. Even the UK, much maligned for it's Socialist trending government, has been extremely successful with Triumph. Meanwhile, we have only Harley's decades old designs. The V-Rod doesn't count, Porsche designed that. Victory, the only other US motorcycle builder of any scale, is essentially a Harley clone, as much as they'd like to deny it. Don't get me wrong, I love HD, just like I'd love to own a 1970 Dodge 440-6 Challenger R/T. But I wouldn't want to have to drive to work every day, let alone buy gas for it. So, what the hell is wrong with the US? We know the market is here. I'm certain buyers would even pay a premium price to "Buy American" for the US equivalent of the bikes we're buying from Japan, Europe, even Korea. We certainly need more high paying industrial jobs. Why do you think we can't truly compete in the world motorcycle market, aside from a niche market built on nostalgia?

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