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What's the Best Bike for Commuting?

There are two main reasons for commuting on a motorcycle: (1) a motorcycle uses less gas than a car does, and (2) a motorcycle is more fun to drive than a car is. What characteristics would be most desirable in a commuter motorcycle? Among them would be (1) weather protection, (2) storage space, (3) agility, and (4) economy. Weather protection would include a big windshield or fairing to keep the wind, rain, and cold off of you. Heated handgrips and seat would help in cold regions. Storage space would entail room for a laptop and briefcase and some clothing alternatives for changing temperatures, and room for a bag or two of groceries on the way home would be nice. But a commuter bike would also have to easily thread through rush-hour traffic, so good balance and low-speed maneuverability would be mandatory. We're aiming to save gas, so an engine that provides better-than-the-cage mpg is called for. Some of the larger scooters are obvious answers, but those aren't the only options that fit. So here's the question MOrons: given the above criteria, which bike would you choose if you planned to make two wheels your main mode of transport to and from work?

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