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I have received a note from Buell...

Ok, I got another email from the dealer.

This is what it said:
Hi Kyle

I have received a note from Buell – they are saying that they cannot build you the 2006 in Orange – They are suggesting either cancel and get your money back or change your order to a 2007 model keeping the Orange or pick up the black 2006 bike that is on its way here?

Apologies buddy – let me know your thoughts.

Since this email I have got another one stating that he has the "Buell Product Manager" looking at USA Stocks for me.

I am wondering how long it would take to get an 07 model, probably much longer time frame.

Would a xb12scg be too cramped for me? I am 5'11'' and weigh around 150.

I do not really want the black model he mentioned.

I am considering the scg because I'd rather be 2 inches lower and have that badass translucent air box, than have the black Ss.

Let me know guys....

Comments in .....3-2-1...

All the Buell love here lately. Perhaps MO should take J. B. back on as a consultant. I can see it now: "Please direct all Buell questions to our Director of Buell Enthusiasm."--Pete =)

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