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On Monday, Editor-in-Chief Duke pointed out the direction and intent for MO:2. Today we shared more details with you, and as part of the upgrading process around here, we're bringing back the email alerts that so many of you requested. When we post a new feature to the site, we'll let you know. But we need your help.

Tuesday's email blast bounced back a handful of emails to MO HQ, namely Fonzie's inbox! Some of you folks changed jobs without telling us; look who's not communicating now?! Maybe you changed ISP or cable company for another example. In order for us to reach you, would you please check your bio and verify that the email address in the "Real Email" field is where you would like us to send these notice, thanks!

If, of course, you rather not receive these lovely and informative emails from us, there will be an opt-out link in the next email sent. We still need your real email address in your Bio in order for us to contact you with your password when you forget it, so please do fill that in. That address will not be publicly displayed, there is another form field for the displayed email address and we love seeing what you guys come up with. This stuff cracks us up, and the occasional Ween reference!

I apologize for making you do this, but it's not like I'm making you clean your bedroom. The last database of names not to be contacted fried up with the server that passed away in February, sorry. Some people made it on that list, some did not.

So hold in there, the growth of MO:2 is just around the corner!


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