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Buell VS Other Sport Bike Real World Experiences

I'm hoping to see some real riding experiences of real Buell riders riding with other Sport bike makes in the real world on the street, on canyon roads, back streets, etc.

Also, no one ever seems to mention that 90% of all Buells are NOT stock. Almost all have some serious modifications. How do the modified Buells stand up against the other sport bikes?

Let's hear it Buell owners, what do you have?

Our riding group here at work consists of 1 Honda CBR600RR, 1 Honda CBR600F4, 1 older Yamaha 600, and 3 Buells, 2 modified XB9R's and one stock M2 Cyclone. We constantly find that off the line the 2 modified Buells seem to romp the new CBR600RR and Yamaha. In and around town at speeds below 100 mph it seems to be who ever is the craziest rider can be out front in the group.

Over 110 mph of course the roles are reversed and the Yamaha and Honda's rule.

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