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Buell After market parts

I recently purchased a 2001 Buell Cyclone M2. After owning several crotch rockets with vast choices for after market parts, Im stuck. Naked just doesnt cut above 70 mph. I tried to find a small fairing/windscreen to "cut the wind". Well no one makes a cafe fairing nor windscreens for the Buell. I purchased a "F-15" windscreen from National Cycle. Does it job but doesnt have the "look". ie (ZRX 1200, SV 1000S etc). Also some creative engineering was done to make it fit. Does anyone know of a company that makes a cafe fairing to fit a 2001 Buell Cyclone. At wits end.
Thanks Mike

National Cycle would've been our only suggestion, and, yeah, they're not the best-looking windscreens out there. Maybe some readers have better fairing suggestions? We, of course, grafted Aprilia RS250 full-coverage bodywork onto our race Buells...

...which looked spiffy and let us bolt on any height windscreen, but that's a might bit too much work (and required welding lugs on the frame's head tube). The point is that custom fabbing another, nice-looking windscreen on is probably your best bet, and not really all that hard. I can be done with the standard dog-ear headlight clamp mounts of a Buell. Maybe some GPz550-style 1/4 fairing for which you can buy a taller screen?

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