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Speed channel series returns

By Kevin Duke, Apr. 11, 2008
For anyone out there who enjoys TV programming about motorcycles but isn’t interested in racing or mile-long wheelies, hopefully you were able to tune into the latest episode of “Trippin’ on Two Wheels” seen on Speed channel. It chronicled a trip around Sicily on Moto Guzzis by a trio consisting of TV personality Dennis Gage, his son Sam, and one of our favorite motorjournalists, Neale Bayly. It was a pleasant show about traveling in an exotic land with the backdrop of motorcycles, and it had the broad-band appeal to make it interesting even to non-motorcyclists. Airing on Sunday, March 9, the show pulled in Speed’s highest non-NASCAR ratings of the day, garnering more viewers than MotoGP racing.

“I believe that this shows that there is a desire for quality motorcycle programming on TV,” explains Bayly, an occasional contributor to “And if you make it, motorcycle viewers will come.”

We published a news item to publicize the premiere episode of the series about the group’s ride through Scotland, and now we’d like to plug the third installment of ‘Trippin’’ about riding Aprilia Tuonos around Spain.

“This is quality programming that shows motorcycling in a positive light,” says Bayly. “It’s the type of thing that our industry and our hobby needs. We need to demonstrate that this wasn’t just a fluke. Motorcyclists actually do want good TV!”

If this type of show is something that appeals to you, tune in to Speed on Sunday, April 20 at 11am Eastern (8am Pacific) to see the episode shot on Spain. Those harboring a bit of schadenfreude will enjoy watching Bayly toss away a Tuono. The show will re-air on Wednesday, April 23 at 2pm Eastern (11am Pacific).

Click here to watch a sneak preview.


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New Motorcycle TV Program