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MV Agusta sets gold standard in luxury

F4 RR 312 coated in 54 square feet of gold leaf

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jun. 09, 2008
MV Agusta produced a bike that looks like it came straight out of the garage of a James Bond nemesis.

In an expression of true extravagance, the Italian manufacturer produced a one-off golden MV Agusta F4 RR 312 for display at international luxury fairs.A gold MV Agusta F4 RR 312 for a man with the Midas touch.

Venetian metal processing company Aurum helped to apply nearly 54 square feet of gold leaf to coat the 1078cc bike. The entire process required precision and skill from a team of artisans who applied individual gold leaf to create a flake effect.

The only thing thatís missing is a hat-throwing Oddjob and Pussy Galoreís Flying Circus.