MSF recognizes Kevin Schwantz School

Racing legend to address military rider safety

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, May. 01, 2009
The Kevin Schwantz School has become the first track course to receive recognition from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

The riding school, founded by 1993 Grand Prix world champion Kevin Schwantz, earned the recognition by meeting the MSF’s criteria for safe and responsible riding instruction, being actively involved with the MSF and aligning with the organization’s key principles.

“For me personally, and all of us at the Kevin Schwantz School, it’s a true honor to be the first track school to be recognized by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation,” says Schwantz. “Everywhere you go, nationwide and even around the world, the MSF is renowned as the leader in terms of raising the bar for motorcycle safety and training. To be honored in this way, and to continue to collaborate with the MSF and offer training opportunities that extend MSF safety principles by taking them to the next level means the world to us. And it means safer riders out there on the street.”

The Kevin Schwantz School offers a two-day program at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Ala. The school teaches skills such as visual awareness, effective turning, body positioning and braking.

Kevin Schwantz's riding school has received MSF recognition.Dr. Ray Ochs, MSF director of training systems, and other MSF staff examined the Kevin Schwantz School’s approach to teaching while MSF Managing Director Al Hydeman evaluated the school’s two-day course. The MSF also reviewed the school’s written curriculum and overall course methodology.

“Throughout the assessment stages,” says Dr. Ochs, “we provided guidance on the Kevin Schwantz School’s course content and terminology, curriculum style, range practices, and learning activities, particularly in the classroom, that would enhance the student experience and bring the school in alignment with key MSF training principles and philosophies regarding safety, learning, and motor skills development. Overall, we were pleased that there were strong parallels between the school’s approach to motorcycle training and the MSF’s.”

Schwantz is also working with the MSF in the third annual National Capital Region Joint Services motorcycle safety event, May 1 at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Schwantz will address representatives from all five branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and demonstrate some of the skills and strategies from the MSF’s Military Sportbike RiderCourse curriculum.

“The MSF continues to partner with the military to find ways to get safety messages and training out to our soldiers, sailors, airmen – all of the members of our Armed Forces,” says MSF President Tim Buche. “Having Kevin Schwantz, one of the most popular race champions of all time, participate in a national safety event of this stature is sure to get the attention of our target audience – the military sport bike rider with a pent-up need for speed. Kevin will talk about the lessons you learn out on the track and how they apply to making better judgments on the street – lessons that can save lives.”