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'Mature' duo on cross country ride

Older riders set out on three-wheeled adventure

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jun. 13, 2008
A pair of septuagenarian riders are making a 3,400-mile trip on Piaggio MP3 scooters to show that you can never be too old to hit the open road.

Lifelong friends and motorcycle enthusiasts Bernie ‘Buddy’ Rosenbaum and Robert Chase will travel the entire length of the transcontinental Lincoln Highway. They hope to demonstrate that healthy, active ‘mature’ adults can still ride.

The pair will start at the highway’s western terminal, Lincoln Square in San Francisco on June 13, and will ride to Times Square in New York City. They will document their trip and post blog entries at

Rosenbaum and Chase have been adventure motorcycle riders for decades. The duo has ridden on the world’s highest-altitude road in Indian’s Kashmir region, north of the Arctic Circle, and around the tip of Africa. They were the first to ride across Russia after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Rosenbaum approached Piaggio USA president Paolo Timoni with the idea for the cross-country ride. Rosenbaum told Timoni that the MP3 would be the ideal vehicle for the two 70-year-olds due to the three-wheeled scooter’s high fuel efficiency and fun, yet stable ride.