LoJack helps cops bust two chop shops

Ten face charges in two separate incidents over two days

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jun. 19, 2008
LoJack Corporation’s stolen motorcycle recovery system helped authorities in Las Vegas Nev. break up two theft rings June 14-16.

Las Vegas police and the Southern Nevada Auto Theft Task Force arrested ten suspects and recovered four Honda CBR motorcycles and a Yamaha ATV.

A LoJack-equipped 2006 Honda CBR600 helped authorities locate an alleged chop shop. Police officers discovered the stolen bike along with a 2001 Honda CBR900 in a garage linked to an alleged gang member. Seven suspects face charges including operating a chop shop, possession of stolen property and grand larceny auto.

In a separate incident, police tracked another LoJack-equipped 2006 CBR600 to a residential garage five miles away from its owner’s home. A police search found two stolen 2006 CBR600s, one of which was allegedly being prepped to be stripped down when officers arrived at the scene. A 2007 Yamaha ATV that was reported stolen two days earlier was also found at the scene. Three suspects face charges of operating a chop shop, possession of stolen property and grand larceny auto.

“Motorcycle riders need to do everything in their power to protect their valuable assets, because professional thieves can steal a bike right out of your garage and hide it in theirs,” says Patrick Clancy, vice president of law enforcement for LoJack Corp. “That’s why a recovery system like LoJack that uses Radio Frequency (RF) technology is so critical to install. These recent recoveries highlight the effectiveness of LoJack’s proven technology, which was able to lead law enforcement to the specific garages where the stolen bikes were located.”