Leather Therapy preview

Make your old leather look and feel brand new

By Motorcycle.com Staff, Apr. 16, 2008
Chances are you’ve got an old, beat-up, bug splattered leather jacket hanging in the back of a closet or stored away in the basement.

A Califon, NJ company wants you to put that jacket back on and has introduced a line of products that it claims will rescue your old leather and make it look and feel new again.

Unicorn Editions Ltd., maker of Leather Therapy, has some interesting ideas on the best way to clean and restore your leather. The company suggests that you (gulp) throw your leather garment in the washing machine along with some of its Leather Infusion Wash and Rinse.

To protect the leather, the company suggests you turn it inside out, place it in a garment bag or an old pillowcase and wash on the delicate cycle with cool water only. Once you finish with the wash, either hang your garment up to dry or lay it flat, but keep it away from any heat source and out of the sun.

If you can’t bring yourself to put your beloved jacket in the washing machine, you can spray on some Leather Therapy Wash, add some water and clean it up with a sponge. Afterwards, work in some of the Leather Therapy Restorer/Conditioner and hang or lay flat to dry.

This is a before and after of a badly mildewed saddle that was restored using Leather Therapy products.

Before and after pictures on the official website look pretty impressive, but Motorcycle.com will be doing some product testing of its own in the coming weeks. Once we find a jacket or suit that needs some work, we’ll test out the Leather Therapy products and post a full review.

Leather Therapy has actually been around since 1995, but it was originally targeted to the equestrian community for saddles, boots and other leather goods. It was quickly honored with several accolades, including being named ‘Best Leather Conditioner’ and ‘Product of the Year’ by The Horse Journal and won the ‘Best of the Best’ equine trade industry award by a national trade publication.

Independent university laboratory tests in 1999 showed that Leather Therapy Restorer and Leather Therapy Wash increased the strength of leather by 36% and inhibited mold growth beyond even what the tannery could provide. In 2000 the US Environmental Protection Agency approved the Leather Therapy Restorer as a mold and mildew inhibitor.

Unicorn Editions released its line of Leather Therapy products for the motorsports industry in 2008. If you are interested in testing them out, you can purchase the Motorsports Sampler from the http://www.leathertherapy.com/ for US$21.95. Each sampler contains one 2oz. bottle of Restorer, Wash, Finish and Water Repellant, as well as a tack sponge.