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Learn to ride at Ocotillo Wells

MotoVentures teaches off-road riding skills

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Apr. 04, 2008
MotoVentures is accepting registrations for training tours at Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreational Area (SVRA), northeast of San Diego.

MotoVentures’ training tours help new dirt bike riders build their skills while enjoying a family-oriented overnight camping experience and visiting scenic landscapes. Ocotillo Wells SVRA joins a selection of other MotoVenture locales in the American Southwest, which includes tours through the Grand Canyon and Death Valley.

“This fun new option is for our training course graduates who want to immediately utilize their newfound skills to go on a long ride somewhere,” says MotoVentures president Gary LaPlante.

MotoVentrues will provide a selection of Yamaha motorcycles for participants, including the TT-R125LE, the WR450F and the PW50.

Training tours at Ocotillo Wells SVRA will take place over two days. On the first day, beginners will learn basic riding skills while more experienced participants will learn advanced riding skills in all-natural terrain environments. Participants will have the option of camping overnight or staying in nearby hotel accommodations. On the second day, riders will be able to practice their skills along several trail routes.

Ocotillo Wells is the largest SVRA in California, encompassing over 70,000 acres. Years of wind, rain and flooding have eroded the landscape to produce sand washes, dirt hills and sand dunes, providing challenging terrain for riders to test their abilities.

“When we approached Ocotillo Wells their Rangers thoroughly researched our background and qualifications before granting us permission to operate in their park,” says LaPlante. “They welcome our professional approach to training and emphasis on safe and responsible off-road riding.”

Ocotillo Wells training tours will be held April 29-30, May 3-4, June 7-8, October 25-26, November 15-16 and December 6-7.