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KTM opens with double-double

Enduro World Championship season begins with 1-2 finish

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Mar. 17, 2008
KTM finished one-two in Sweden during the two-part Enduro World Championship season opener.

KTM’s Samuli Aro won the first race of the Grand Prix Maxxis of Sweden on Saturday, March 15. Fellow Finn Marko Tarkkala was behind him in second. On Sunday, they repeated their results in the second race.

“It was a great weekend for me and I was really surprised that everything went so well,” says Aro. “It is different to be on the two-stroke bike and the lines are not the same so I am very satisfied with my start to the season.”

Swede Bjorne Carlsson of team Husaberg, finished third in both races.

The two races, held in Oestersund in central Sweden, are run in winter conditions, requiring spiked tires on motorcycles. Temperatures dropped below freezing on Saturday and part of the course had to be changed on Sunday due to heavy snow. Other parts of the course however had begun to thaw, forcing riders to make their way through snow and mud.