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Kawasaki Factory Undamaged by Earthquake

Production temporarily halted

Kawasaki’s main production facility at Akashi was not directly affected by the March 11 earthquake off the coast of Japan.

The Akashi factory is located about 400 miles southwest of Sendai, the center of the disaster area. Kawasaki Heavy Industry’s offices and factory were not damaged in the earthquake or the tsunamis.

Kawasaki’s production targets up to March 16 have been met so the company will temporarily halt all but one production line on March 17-18. All production will be suspended on March 21, which is a Japanese public holiday celebrating the vernal equinox.

Kawasaki Akashi factory

Though Kawasaki was relatively unscathed, future production may be affected by delays from part suppliers across Japan. Kawasaki will adjust its business to adapt to circumstances as they come.

“We hope that there will be no significant production delays and that the supply of motorcycles and spare parts will remain largely unaffected by any planned stoppages,” says Yasushi Kawakami, managing director of Kawasaki Motors Europe who is in Japan for scheduled meetings. “Kawasaki staff in Japan, and across the world, would like to extend our deepest sympathies to those who continue to be affected by this terrible event.”

Kawasaki is donating 100 million yen (US$1.2 million) to relief efforts in addition to another 100 million yen worth of products including 30 D-Tracker supermotos, five wheel loaders and three crushing machines.

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