January 2009 recall notices

Suzuki addresses frame damage caused by stunting

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jan. 30, 2009
Suzuki is performing a voluntary safety check on the GSX-R1000 and Yamaha is recalling its FJR1300.

American Suzuki is conducting a safety improvement campaign on 2005-2006 GSX-R1000 sportbikes. The safety campaign addresses a problem with cracking or breakage of the frame behind and below the steering neck.

In documents submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Kenneth Bush, associate director of government relations for American Suzuki, says reported incidents of damaged frames on 2005-2006 GSX-R1000 motorcycles are likely the result of hazardous riding maneuvers such as extreme or extended wheelies and other stunts. Bush says repeated landings from such stunts may cause stress on the frame.

Because the frame damage is believed to be caused by driving activities considered reckless and, if performed on public roads, illegal, the risk of damage to the frame is not considered to be a defect. Suzuki is not required to issue a recall notice under the safety act but the manufacturer has decided to respond to the issue as if it were a full safety recall. 

Suzuki dealers will examine this portion of the 2005-2006 GSX-R1000's frame for signs of damage.
Yamaha has discovered a potential problem with the ignition switching on its FJR1300.

Owners of the 26,082 motorcycles covered under the safety campaign are asked to visit a Suzuki dealer for an inspection. Dealers will examine the affected area for cracks. If no damage is found, dealers will install a reinforcement brace to the frame using bolts and epoxy adhesive. The brace is composed of aluminum and is said to weigh less than two pounds and will fit underneath the top spar of the frame behind and below the steering neck. Should dealers find cracks in the frame they will provide a replacement with the reinforcement brace installed. Both the brace and the replacement frame will be installed at no charge to the owner and will be covered under a five-year warranty beginning from the date of installation.

Yamaha is issuing a recall on 2006-2009 FJR1300 Supersport Touring motorcycles. The internal ignition switch wiring on these bikes may become disconnected, stopping electrical current flow and potentially causing the engine to stall.

Dealers will replace the ignition switch on affected motorcycles at no charge. An estimated 9,300 motorcycles are included in the recall.