Hyosung finds racing success

Four wins for Korean manufacturer at CCS event

By Press Release, Feb. 09, 2010
The new year brings a new hope and a general sense of optimism for most people, and the beginning of 2010 was no different for the EP Race team and their Hyosung GT 650R.

A fuel injected engine arrived over the short winter break and spirits were high that the new powerplant would help propel the team to the top step of the podium. However, as with most new projects, you have to jump a few hurdles to get to the finish line and this one was no different. It requires many additional components to switch from a carbureted engine to a fuel injected engine and as the first race weekend of the year drew near it became apparent that the swap would not be done in time. Undeterred the team went into the weekend knowing they would give it their all and hope for the best, after all it is a new year!

It looked like it might rain on Sunday, but the forecast predicted it would hold off until Monday and? for once the weatherman would finally be right, as it stayed dry all weekend. The sun peeked out off and on throughout the day and pushed the temperatures into the low 70s, not a bad day for racing.

The team had skipped Saturday practice and waited until the second session to hit the track Sunday morning. With new Dunlop 211s spooned on by Jim Cox Racing, the bike was feeling good and the grip provided, even on the cold track, was outstanding. The optimism returned and the EP Race team was looking forward to a great day of racing.

Usually, each race has a different ebb and flow to it. Sometimes the results are the same, but how you get there can be dramatically different. This weekend was different, as each race for the team was eerily similar. Matt Kellerman (#63) did not get the best starts and found himself behind Kerry Alter on the #21 SV 650 going into turn one of each race. Matt followed the #21 around the track for a lap or two, judging where best to set up his pass. He was able to pass Kerry in each race and then set a couple of quick laps to pull a comfortable gap. All four races for the team seemed nearly identical, and the EP Race team was able to sweep the weekend and bring home 1st place in all four classes (Lightweight Superbike, Lightweight GP, Thunderbike, and Ultra Lightweight Superbike).

This was the first race win for the team since Las Vegas in 2006 and they were ecstatic to be back on the top step and start the 2010 season on such a high note. The team looks forward to being back on the track on February 6th in Phoenix AZ. EP Racing would like to thank all of its sponsors, PowersportsOutlet.com, Hyosung.Biz, Hyosung Motors USA, Jim Cox Racing, Dunlop tires, EBC, Silkolene, and Pit Bull for making such a great weekend possible. The EP Race team is looking forward to a very successful 2010. If you are interested in the unique sponsorship opportunities the team can provide your company dont hesitate to call.

EP Racing is based out of Prescott, AZ and have been racing the Hyosung GT650R since 2006. They have achieved multiple victories, countless podium finishes, a LW GT title, and other honors, in both the CCS, and SMRI race series. For more information you can contact the team at 928-778-7910 or email: shop@epfguzzi.com