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H-D site celebrates Hispanic riders

New section dedicated to Harlistas

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Apr. 09, 2009
Harley-Davidson is reaching out to the Hispanic community with a new interactive section of its website.

Dedicated to “Harlistas”, the Motor Company’s term for Latino Harley-Davidson enthusiasts, the new section allows Hispanic riders to share their personal stories, photographs and videos of their motorcycle lifestyles. Some of the stories will be featured in an upcoming documentary produced by Harley-Davidson.

“There is a longstanding history between Hispanics and Harley-Davidson and we want to celebrate it,” says Karina Jaramillo-Saa, manager of market outreach for Harley-Davidson Motor Company. “We are very excited about our Harlista site and can't wait to share in the spirit of our riders and see their wonderful experiences.”

The new section, located at, also includes a listing of Harlista events such as the Latin American Motorcycle Association’s (LAMA) national rally.

“Harlistas share in the pride and passion of Harley-Davidson,” says Mario Nieves, president of LAMA. “Riders come from all walks of life. From Central to South America, the Caribbean and North America, Harlistas share a rich and proud history. This centralized online community gives us a space to share in that passion.”

Harley-Davidson has previously been a supporter of LAMA as well as the Latin Billboard Music Awards, Lowrider Tours and the Fiesta Broadway celebration in Los Angeles.