Fastrack offers deal on track day

Economy impacts the track day industry

By Press Release, Oct. 15, 2009
The economy has impacted every one of us to a great degree! The motorcycle industry reflects what is going on all over the country with most manufacturers looking at sales drops exceeding 50% to prior year sales where there were record growth numbers. It has impacted the track day industry as well and all track day companies are cutting prices attempting to hang on. It is no better for Fastrack Riders so below is a very special announcement!

Friday, October 30th riders will be able to ride at Auto Club Speedway on the 2.3 mile 21 turn AMA National Track for only $199.00 per rider! Normally the price is $269.00 per rider! Yes, Fastrack loses our shirts for the day but the first 100 riders to register will get to ride this very fun and very safe track for an unbelievable savings!

The Novice Rider School is only $85.00 for the first twelve first time to the track riders who sign up. This is normally a $125 value!

Transponders for all riders will be available as Fastrack Riders uses their AMB Timing System to make lap times available to all riders!

Saturday and Sunday, October 31st and November 1st riders can ride the Auto Club Speedway 2.3 mile 21 turn AMA National Track for only $229.00 per rider!

The normal price is $269.00 per rider!

For the rest of the year Fastrack will waive our requirement to have your drain plug and oil filter safety wired so there is less bike preparation!

We need 100 riders for Friday, 120 riders for Saturday and 120 riders for Sunday to keep the show going! Sign up now to ride probably one of the most fun tracks to ride in Southern California at these unbelievable prices! Help Fastrack survive to be there for all rides when the economy improves!

Please forward this on to all of your friends so everyone knows about these great prices for our next event at Auto Club Speedway!

All the riders that have already signed up will receive a non expiring carryover credit in the system for a future Fastrack Riders event.

The events will be run with the same three group format and no break for lunch. No compromise will be made towards safety so there will be two ALS ambulance units for all three days as well as a full staff of corner workers and Fastrack staff. The same great riding experience riders expect from Fastrack Riders at every event!