EICMA 2010: Piaggio MP3 City Coming to US

Thankfully its European name "Yourban" is not

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Nov. 04, 2010
Piaggio introduced a new member to its MP3 family that will be imported to North America.

Known as the Piaggio MP3 Yourban in other markets, the MP3 City will be available in the U.S. with a fuel injected 278cc engine claiming 22.4hp at 7500rpm and 17.1 ft-lb. at 6500rpm, which is a slight dip in power but more torque than the MP3 250 currently being offered by Piaggio USA.

At 56.9 inches, the MP3 City has a shorter wheelbase than any other MP3, and the claimed curb weight of 452 pounds, is just two pounds heavier than the MP3 250.

Piaggio USA will import the MP3 Yourban to the US as the MP3 City. Expect to see it in showrooms in late 2011.

Aesthetically, the MP3 City gets an all-new design to differentiate it from the other Piaggio three-wheelers. The most prominent feature is the necktie running down the front shield.

The "necktie" on the front of the MP3 City reflects its urban design.

For more pictures, visit our Piaggio MP3 City gallery. And dont forget to check out the rest of our EICMA 2010 coverage.

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