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Edelweiss offering round-the-world tour

40,000 miles in 248 days

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Nov. 16, 2009
Motorcycle touring company Edelweiss is celebrating its 30th anniversary by offering a 40,000 mile around-the-world journey.

“We have been organizing professional motorcycle tours for 30 years now,” says Werner Wachter, founder of Edelweiss. “To celebrate our anniversary, we are organizing an unforgettable expedition around our earth for motorcycle enthusiasts.”

The journey will begin Nov. 14, 2010 at Edelweiss’ headquarters in Mieming, Austria. The first stage will have riders will ride through Paris and on to Dakar in Senegal. From there, riders will fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina, before traveling across Central America towards Los Angeles.

“We have allowed nine weeks for the section from Argentina to Bogota in Columbia,” says Wachter. “The subsequent third stage from crossing the Panama Canal to Los Angeles in California will be relatively short at 5 weeks.”

Edelweiss' world tour takes travellers across six continents and 40,000 miles.

From the City of Angels, travelers will fly across the Pacific Ocean to ride through Australia. From Australia, the tour continues in Beijing with an eight-week final trek across Asia and back to Mieming.

The tour is expected to end July 20, 2011, with 40,000 miles logged in 248 days.