DMG releases 2009 Literbike rules

New rules allow Aprilia, Ducati, MV Agusta and others to enter competition

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jun. 05, 2008
After vocal resistance to abandoning the existing Superbike class in favor of lesser-powered middleweight ‘Daytona Superbike’ machines, the Daytona Motorsports Group has announced rules for next year’s new Literbike class.

Horsepower will be limited to 185 on the series’ rear-wheel dyno, and the class has a 370-lb minimum weight. Allowable modifications will be much restricted, as components like forks and swingarms must remain stock.

In addition to the four Japanese Literbikes, the class will also allow the upcoming Aprilia RSV 4 and BMW S1000RR, the Buell 1125R, Ducati 1098S, KTM RC8 and the MV Agusta F4-312. As expected, there will be a spec tire and spec fuel for the series, though it has not yet been determined which brands will be featured.

Below are the specifications for the new class as provided by DMG:

Literbike Equipment Rules and Regulations

All machines eligible for participation in Literbike must be approved by AMA Pro Racing and homologated by the manufacturer. Approval of homologation will require a contingency awards program that rewards the first five finishers competing on the homologated machine, by brand and model. Machines currently eligible for homologation by their manufacturer or distributor for competition in 2009 are:

  • Aprilia RSV 4
  • BMW S1000RR
  • Buell 1125R
  • Ducati 1098S
  • Honda CBR1000RR
  • Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R
  • KTM RC8
  • MV F4312
  • Suzuki GSX-R1000
  • Yamaha YZF-R1

Each homologated machine will have a published Technical Information Form (TIF) containing the AMA approved specifications required for competition. Specifications will include, but not be limited to make, model, year, original displacement, and special allowances (if any) for this specific homologated machine. The original TIF may be modified to enhance or reduce the performance of the machine based upon actual competition experience.

Unless otherwise specified, all parts must originate from the same make/model as the homologated machine, meaning no up-dating or back-dating is permitted


A. Minimum weight is 370 lbs in the exact condition the machine finishes any competition activity (qualifying or race final) without the addition of fluids or other items of any kind.

B. Once the machine weight has been established, the motorcycle will be tested for power output on the official series dynamometer. Power is limited to a maximum of 185 horsepower. Fuel may be added to allow for the dynamometer testing after the official weight has been recorded.


A. XXXXXX is the Official Tire of AMA Pro Road Racing and only tires produced by XXXX and mounted at the meet may be used in competition.

B. The number of available compounds, configurations, and quantities available for use at each event will be announced coincident with the announcement of the Official Tire of the series and may be altered during the course of the 2009 season per safety, wear and related experience.


A. Official Fuel - The Official Fuel of AMA Pro Racing is XXXXXXXX and its exclusive use in unadulterated form shall be mandatory.

B. Only air may be mixed with the fuel as an oxidant, and no other substances, chemicals and/or liquids whatsoever shall be added, combined, mixed and/or introduced to said Official Fuel whether intentionally or unintentionally unless approved in advance in writing by the AMA for use by all competitors.

C. All competitors must use the official fuel, as supplied by the manufacturer at the track, during all on-track sessions.

D. All motorcycles must prominently display the appropriate unmodified official fuel company decal on the motorcycle at all times.

E. AMA Pro Racing has the right to sample a competitor's fuel at any time.

F. Competitors are responsible for the safe and proper handling and security of their fuel from when it is dispensed to them until it is used.

G. Competitors are responsible for properly disposing of all unused fuel.


A. Wheels must appear on the Eligible Equipment List.

(1) Front wheels = 17” x 3.5” all machines

(2) Rear wheels = 17” x 5.5” or 17” x 6” (See TIF for each machine)

B. Brake calipers may be substituted by homologated units appearing on the Eligible Equipment List.

C. Aftermarket brake pads and lines may be substituted by homologated units appearing on the Eligible Equipment List.

D. The brake master cylinders may be substituted by homologated units appearing on the Eligible Equipment List.

E. The brake rotors may be substituted by homologated units appearing on the Eligible Equipment List as long as the rotors are the same size (diameter) as the OEM equipment being replaced. Caliper mounts and hangers, front and rear, may not be modified or substituted.

F. With approval of the Technical Inspector, front wheel spacers may be made “captive”.

G. With approval of the Technical Inspector, rear wheel spacers may be made “captive”, and a caliper retaining device may be used. Chain adjuster must be OEM.


A. Original front forks must be retained, including inner and outer tubes, fork bottoms, caliper mounts, axles and spacers.

B. Aftermarket 25mm Cartridge kits appearing on the Eligible Equipment List are permitted and aftermarket fork caps may be substituted.

C. A steering damper may be installed with a homologated unit appearing on the Eligible Equipment List.

D. A fork brace may be installed with a homologated unit appearing on the Eligible Equipment List.

E. Triple Clamps may be substituted with a homologated unit appearing on the Eligible Equipment List.

F. Front suspension modifications are limited to:

(1) Internal parts may be modified consistent and within the foregoing restrictions, including substitution of springs, change of shims and/or spacers, and addition of “Race Tech” kit/aftermarket type valving units appearing on the Eligible Equipment List.

(2) External Compression Adjusters may be modified/changed.

(3) Steering Head inserts to adjust rake may be used as long as no part of the frame is modified.


A. The original model, stock swingarm must be retained, unchanged, except that the axle adjustment opening/slot may be lengthened, with the permission of the Tech. Inspector.

B. The rear shock linkage may be substituted with a homologated unit appearing on the Eligible Equipment List.

C. The rear shock may be modified or replaced by units appearing on the Eligible Equipment List.


A. Unless otherwise provided for on the TIF, the original frame must be used. Unnecessary brackets may be removed.

B. Adjustable swingarm pivots are permitted, but no modifications to the frame or swingarm can be made to allow this adjustability.

C. Data acquisition for chassis and/or suspension is permitted utilizing systems on the Eligible Equipment List.

(1) Data acquisition is only permitted as “one way”, meaning a gathering system that can receive and/or collect but not transmit.


A. Aftermarket, OEM-style bodywork and custom fairing mounts may be used.

B. The fairing must match the shape of the OEM machine in silhouette and profile and the AMA shall have the right to use templates and go-no-go devices therefor.

1) An oil retaining, “sealed” lower fairing is mandatory.

C. The stock gas tank must be used, but aftermarket gas caps are allowed. For races requiring re-fueling, a dry brake system must be installed.

D. A front fender must be mounted.

E. Aftermarket footpegs, clip-on bars, shift/brake mechanisms and fasteners may be used.

F. Non-standard “Kill Switches” must not be spring loaded and must be well marked.

G. Titanium Fasteners are not permitted.

H. Tail sections may be increased in size to allow for required number display. Final approval rests with the Chief Technical Inspector.

(1) The AMA and/or the organizers retain the right to require number plates on machines with small or unusually sized or shaped tail sections.

I. Numbers must be a minimum of 8 inches high and in a clear contrasting color to the background area on which they are displayed.

9. ENGINE MODIFICATIONS are unlimited, except for the following:

A. Bore and Stroke must remain as stock.

B. Valve sizes must remain as stock.

C. Stock cases, barrels, and cylinder heads must be used, but may be altered.

D. Stock carb bodies or stock fuel injection systems must be used, but carb internals, velocity stacks and injection management systems may be altered or replaced.

E. Injectors must be stock and unaltered from the original specification and manufacture.

F. Aftermarket exhaust systems appearing on the Eligible Equipment List may be installed.

G. Dyno-jet or kit-type Electronic “quick shifters” are allowed. Manual “secondary” hand operated kill switch/quick shifters are not allowed.

H. Clutch actuation may be modified to a racing “kit” type.

I. “Dry Clutches” are only permitted when used on the equivalent OE production model.

J. Aftermarket “Slipper” clutches appearing on the Eligible Equipment List are permitted.

K. Approved Engine Control Unit must be used without any modification whatsoever to the approved configuration. Series provided Engine Control Units may be required in 2010 and beyond.


A. An air box is required.

B. An air filter is not required.

C. Larger air boxes may be fitted, but the stock tank and tank placement/mounts must be maintained and used.

D. Ram air systems are permitted if specified and used on the homologated motorcycle. Ducts and scoops, must be identical in specification to the original equipment system.


A. Immediately following each qualifying session or race, the top three finishers plus other motorcycles chosen at random at the discretion of the AMA will be tested on the Official Series Dynamometer to verify power.

B. Other than the motorcycle’s throttle/twist grip, switches or any other device and/or methodology designed to and/or having the ability or potential to affect the horsepower readings during dynamometer testing are strictly prohibited.

C. Any entrant, rider, crew member and/or entrant affiliate (who are not manufacturers of homologated motorcycles), who attempts to and/or does alter the performance of his/her/their machine following any competition event, in an effort to affect the dynamometer or weight results, will be disqualified from the meet and suspended from AMA Pro Road Racing participation for a period of no less than one year, and assessed a $50,000.00 fine which must be paid in full before reinstatement. A second offense will result in a lifetime ban for the offending entrant and/or entity.

D. Any entrant, entrant affiliate and/or contractor who is/are manufacturers of homologated motorcycles, who attempts to and/or does alter the performance of its/their machine following any competition event, in an effort to affect the dynamometer or weight results, will be disqualified from the meet and suspended from AMA Pro Road Racing participation for a period of no less than one year, and assessed a $250,000.00 fine which must be paid in full before reinstatement. A second offense will result in a loss of approval for the homologated machine used in the meet where the offense took place, thereby rendering it ineligible for use by any and all entrants for a period of twelve (12) months.

E. Machines unable to make post qualifying or post race tech and complete their dynamometer runs for any reasons, including major crashes or major mechanical failures will be penalized. Reasonable allowances may/will be made for minor mechanical failures that can be repaired, under strict supervision, in a reasonable amount of time and that do not have any bearing on performance or weight. Reasonable allowances may/will also be made for minor crashes on machines that can be ridden back to pit lane. Determination of ‘minor’ will be at the sole discretion of the Tech Inspector.

F. In the instance where a motorcycle on the post-race dynamometer produces one run where that motorcycle registered within (but not more than) one horsepower in excess of the horsepower limit, that motorcycle will be re-tested at the end of that class/group, time allowing and at the request of the entrant. If that motorcycle again measures/tests any way in excess of the allowable horsepower limit, that machine will be penalized as per the Rule book. If that machine reads within the guidelines in the dynamometer re-do, no penalty will be assessed.

G. Motorcycle weights will be checked immediately following qualifying or races, in the same condition in which they finish the activity, including all fluids such as oil, water and fuel.

H. No fluid and/or any other item(s) may be added to the motorcycle prior to thedetermination of weight. Subsequent to official weight verification, fuel may be added for the purpose of completing the required dynamometer verification.


A. All purse awards will be paid to the registered entrant.

B. Purse awards are posted as a guarantee against contingency awards. All contingency payments due an entrant will be paid by the respective contingency sponsors, and then any remainder will be paid by AMA Pro Racing.

C. Unless otherwise specified, purse awards for each meet scheduled in the 2009 season will be as follows:

  • First Place = $10,000.00
  • Second Place = $5,000.00
  • Third Place = $3,500.00
  • Fourth Place = $3,000.00
  • Fifth Place = $2,750.00
  • Sixth Place = $2,500.00
  • Seventh Place = $2,250.00
  • Eighth thru Fifteenth = $2,000.00 each
  • Sixteenth thru Twentieth = $1,000.00 each