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Danny "Magoo" Chandler fund reaches goal

Industry donations reach $110,000

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Mar. 15, 2010
A fundraising effort supporting injured motocross racer Danny “Magoo” Chandler has reached its goal of $100,000 for a new special needs van.

A top motocross racer in the’80s, Chandler’s career ended after a crash at the Paris Supercross in 1985 left him paralyzed. After the accident, Chandler began promoting mountain bike races and supported the drug awareness program DARE. Chandler also organized visits by motorcycle racers to children’s hospitals.

Bob “Hurricane” Hannah issued the industry fundraising challenge in November 2009, with the goal of purchasing and outfitting a new van for Chandler, supporting his efforts in teaching at riding and safety clinics around the country.

AMA Hall of Fame member Geoff Fox and his brother Bob donated $15,000 to the fund, taking it to the $100,000 target. Not long after the donation from the Fox brothers, the fund received an additional $10,000 from David Bailey and Russ Koza from RIDERS F1RST and ONE Industries, pushing the grand total to $110,000.

“Wow is all I can say right now,” says Brad Lackey, fund project leader and the first American to win the Grand Prix Motocross World Championship. “The way people have responded to this challenge and all the other donations we received makes me very proud to be part of the motorcycle industry.”

Danny "Magoo" Chandler is the only rider to sweep both motos in the Trophies des Nations and Motocross des Nations in the same year.

The fully-outfitted Sprinter van is expected to be ready by the May 20-22 Hangtown Motocross National.

“It’s awesome that so many fine folks and companies found a way to help make this happen for our friend Magoo,” says Hannah. “I look forward to seeing Danny at the races in his new rig. Maybe he’ll take me for a hot lap.”

The challenge is completed but the fund is still accepting donations to help pay for insurance, maintenance and other expenses.