Combined ABS on CBR600RR

Honda modifies braking technology for Supersports

story by Motorcycle.Com Staff, Created Jun. 10, 2008
Honda has adapted its electronically-controlled Combined ABS system for use in Supersport bikes.

As a prototype, Honda has installed the Combined ABS on a CBR600RR.

Honda’s Combined ABS technology merges anti-lock brakes with a front and rear combined braking system. The Japanese manufacturer says the technology promises to provide greater deceleration 2.3 times greater than conventional brakes.

Already in use in the company’s scooters and tourers, Honda had to make some modifications to fit the characteristics of Supersport bikes,Combined ABS components had to be separated into smaller pieces to fit this CBR600RR. taking into account the short wheelbase and providing control without interfering with racing performance.

The Combined ABS system uses an electronically-controlled ‘brake-by-wire’ system with a stroke simulator. The amount of force a rider applies to hand and braking levers is carefully measured and the system calculates the optimum braking force applied to both front and rear wheels, respectively.

A modulator controls the anti-lock brakes to ensure smooth ABS intervention. For Supersport motorcycles, Honda divided the components into several smaller units for better integration.A 'brake-by-wire' system maps the front brakes to the hand lever and rear brakes to the foot lever.

In applying the Combined ABS system for sport riding, Honda focused on ensuring that performance would not be affected; the company says bikes using Combined ABS will retain the same level of control and cornering ability.

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