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Brothers build supercharged chopper

Unique creation features cut-out frame

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jun. 20, 2008
Custom bike builders Jason and Jeremy Cantwell’s newest creation is a custom chopper that roars like a race car.

The brothers from Derby City Customs in Louisville, Ky. have constructed a motorcycle with a super charger and a four barrel Holley Carburetor commissioned by a local businessman. The added components rise up from the engine and through the motorcycle’s RC Components frame.

“We had to cut the frame and machine out the mounts to reassemble the back bone,” says Jeremy Cantwell. “This was the only way the engine still held and the supercharger had a place to sit.”

The Cantwell brothers had to find a creative way to make room for the supercharger.Sitting on the black cherry candy red bike’s custom-made seat, the extra hardware is immediately noticeable. A K&N filter rests on top of the carburetor right in front of where your chest would be while a belt runs up the left side along your leg to power the supercharger.

“The drive belt for the blower is spun directly off the crank,” says Cantwell. This was way out of the norm. We also had to cut and fabricate the gas tank to make it fit.”

This custom job is one of six bikes that Derby City Customs is producing in 2008. The company’s next project is a 2008 Kawasaki Z10 which will be unveiled at the Indianapolis Grand Prix, Sept. 14. The Cantwell brothers are also filming a pilot for their own reality show for the CW Network.