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BMW introduces DoubleR riding gear

Suit, boots and gloves designed for S1000RR

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Nov. 09, 2009
BMW has introduced a new line of S1000RR-inspired sport riding gear. The 2010 DoubleR collection includes a riding suit, boots and gloves.

Made of 1.0 mm kangaroo leather BMW says is 20% lighter than cowhide, the DoubleR suit is fall- and abrasion-proof. Seams are done in high-strength double serafil yarn while NP protectors are firmly sewn into the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. BMW says the removable extra-length back protector is anatomically pre-shaped in three dimensions to provide coverage of the riders spine, shoulder blades and kidneys.

The DoubleR collection is available in BMW Motorrad Blue/White/Red to match the colors of the S1000RR.The DoubleR boots are equipped with the MCS patented joint system, protecting the long metatarsal bones in the foot while allowing controlled upwards and downward movement for shifting. The patented TCS system provides support and stability to the ankle while preventing overextension in turning and stretching.

While the boots are an evolution on BMWs existing sport boots, the DoubleR gloves are completely new, replacing BMWs Pro Race gloves. The upper and lower hand sections are each made from a single piece of color- and sweat-proof kangaroo leather to reduce the number of seams. Shock-absorbing Suprotect foam protects the upper hand and thumbs while a Kevlar-reinforced finger bridge protects the little finger from twisting or breaking in a fall. BMW designed a special anatomically-shaped hard plastic shell to protect the wrists.

The DoubleR suit is available in U.S. sizes 36-46 and 40L-46L in BMW Motorrad Blue/White/Red colors or Black/White/Red. The gloves are also available in sizes 6-6.5 to 12-12.5 in the BMW Motorrad colors as well as black while the boots are available in sizes M6.5-M14 in black or white.