American Ironhorse parts for sale

$10 million in parts to be liquidated

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Aug. 26, 2008
An estimated $10 million worth of motorcycle parts are being sold in the liquidation of American Ironhorse Motorcycle’s assets.

American Ironhorse Motorcycle filed for bankruptcy earlier this year and the production rights were sold to former defense industry executive Scott Meyers in May. Production on new motorcycles will continue at the company’s facilities in Fort Worth, Texas, but extra parts not needed in the new production are being liquidated by Liquid Asset Partners LLC and Hilco Merchant Resources LLC.

“We’ve got everything needed to make a chopper: frames, wheels, gas tanks, fenders, starters, six speed transmissions, engine parts, tires, plus nuts, bolts, and hardware,” says Bill Melvin, chief executive officer of Liquid Asset Partners. “We have to sell it all, regardless of cost or loss.”

Approximately $10 million in parts are available in the American Ironhorse liquidation sale.Bulk sales began Aug. 25 for dealers and distributers with a minimum purchase of $2,000, but sales will be open to the public from Sept. 12 to Sept. 14 at American Ironhorse’s factory in Fort Worth.

“We have done this before and it was very effective; hundreds of buyers purchased the basics needed to create their own bike for pennies on the dollar,” says Melvin. “Swap meet dealers and backyard garage mechanics will have a real treasure trove to pick from. Everything must go, so come on in and make offers.”

A full listing of parts for sale can be viewed at