AMA Racing launches new magazine

Nichole Cheza featured on premiere cover

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, May. 14, 2009
AMA Racing has produced a new publication for members who compete in sanctioned amateur events.

AMA Racer will be published periodically through the year with major AMA Racing activities. Printed issues will be distributed at select AMA-sanctioned events and an online version is available on the American Motorcyclist Associaton’s website.

“AMA Racer covers the sport from the unique perspective of competitors, while providing information that members expect and need from their sanctioning body,” says Rob Dingman, AMA president and chief executive officer. “This publication will not just report on the rules from a technical perspective. We also feature the racers, promoters, events, equipment and locales that make motorcycle racing so cool.”

The first issue of AMA Racer focuses on dirt-track racing. Nichole Cheza, 2003 AMA Racing Female Athlete of the Year and this year’s AMA Racing Dirt Track Grand Championships Honoree, graces the cover of the first issue and is the subject of a feature inside. Brad Baker, 2008 AMA Racing Dirt Track Horizon Award winner and Curt Corner, multiple AMA Grand National champion, are also featured in the first issue.

The new publication is part of the AMA’s expanded commitment to its amateur racing properties. In February, the AMA Board of Directors established a $1 million endowment fund for amateur racing programs.

“Complete and honest communication is an integral part of successful competition, and AMA Racer is part of a larger program to improve our performance in that area,” says Joe Bromley, AMA director of racing. “Each issue will not only cover many of the disciplines that we sanction, but will devote extra space to highlight an upcoming event. The first issue focuses on the AMA Racing Dirt Track Grand Championships, the country’s biggest week in amateur dirt-track racing, and an event I myself competed in for two decades before joining the staff of the AMA.”

The online version of AMA Racer can be found at