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AMA backs safety awareness month

DOT asked to support educating motorists about motorcycles

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, May. 05, 2008
The American Motorcyclist Association is throwing its support behind Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

AMA president Rob Dingman joined Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters, Motorcycle Industry Council president Tim Buche and the co-chairs of the Congressional Motorcycle Caucus for the official launching of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month on May 1.

“I strongly encourage motorcyclists everywhere to re-familiarize themselves with the basics of safe and responsible riding to get the most out of every trip and arrive at their destinations safely,” says Dingman.

Like the other representatives, Dingman stated that both motorcyclists and drivers need to be alert in traffic.

“But it is not only motorcyclists who need to hear our safety message today. Far too many motorcycle crashes are caused by inattentive car drivers who pull into oncoming traffic, often turning into the right-of-way of approaching motorcyclists,” says Dingman. “With the popularity of motorcycling at an all-time high in America, these crashes often injure or take the life of a friend, family member or co-worker. We urge everyone, no matter what you ride or drive, to focus on the task at hand and be aware of traffic around you, in particular motorcyclists."

Dingman also called for the Department of Transportation to urge state highway safety offices to devote funds towards educating motorists about motorcycles.